Product Warranty

The warranty period is 12 months after the buyer receives the treadmill and covers the parts required for repair.  Components will be shipped to the customer and repair can be performed by customer with remote assistance from BIMO Virtual Adventures.  The harness is a consumable item and is covered for a 90 day period for defects.  Shipping of components to buyer are free during the warranty period

The buyer can send the treadmill to BIMO Virtual Adventures for repair and the buyer is responsible for the freight charges.  The seller can also request an engineer to the come onsite at the buyer’s location for repair and the buyer will pay the visa, tickets, food and hotel fee, salary as necessary.  The salary of an engineer is USD 150/day (include the time for work and travel).

Return policy

Due to the size and weight of the omni-directional treadmill, all sales are final.  Accessories such as the KAT Fire controller attachment can be returned within 30 days.